David Anderson

I am a retired architect and was introduced to photography during my first and second years of university. A core subject, it began with an emphasis on the basic principles of exposure and composition and concluded with an in-depth study of architectural photography. As this was well before the digital age, darkroom skills and the procedures for developing and printing were a necessary and mandatory part of our training.

This background in darkroom processes guides my work today. Although I am totally engaged in a digital workflow, I don’t believe that a photo is complete until printed.

Today, the primary emphasis of my photography is to capture candid public moments – photographs of people – (sometimes animals) – acting naturally in comfortable surroundings – never disrespectful but always looking for the interesting and the unusual.

Besides photography, my current activities include furniture design and building.

Please visit me on Instagram @designdesignwood for a glimpse of my woodworking projects or reach me through any of the contacts below:
Email: designdesignwood@gmail.com
Phone: (306) 261-8662