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    Mailing Address:
    P.O. Box 4254
    Olds, Alberta, Canada T4H 1P8

    The following is the Executive for Wellspring Visual ArtNetwork Association:

    President: Janice Gallant
    Vice-President: Jean Elliott
    Secretary: Michele Brewster
    Treasurer: Betty Caskey
    Membership Director: Carroll Smith
    Past-President: Osi Cruz-Lahtinen

    Board of Directors:
    Jim Brown
    Laurie Chicoine
    Brett Peterson
    Debbie McIvor
    Tammy Ryrie

    Membership Contacts:
    Bowden: Michele Brewster
    Carstairs: Gwen Day
    Didsbury: Gayle Kohut
    Innisfail: Osi Cruz-Lahtinen
    Olds: Carroll Smith
    Sundre: David Todd
    Website Director: David Todd
    Artwalk Co-ordinator: Michele Brewster