Dalmane Owchar

Dalmane was born in Calgary and moved to Central Alberta as a young adult. Art was always a part of her life and was expressed in multiple mediums. Only now has she recognized it as her true calling.

The creation of Dalmane ART Shepherd stems from a time of winter soul searching. Over the past two years Dalmane has had a chance to examine what is important to her and seek out ways to live in her authenticity. She has always been a creative and found that if she denied this inventiveness she would not feel whole.

Dalmane believes we are all creatives and it only takes believing in yourself to tap into creating beauty around you. Dalmane designs, creates and teaches Acrylics and Fluid Art. She has developed her unique niche and believes that surrounding ourselves with art that evokes positive emotions brings us closer to an energy that fulfills the soul.

Dalmaneā€™s art can be used in multiple settings and she loves to design, share and shepherd others to find their own art. Her most joyful times are watching others fall in love with a specific piece or take pride in their own fluid art creations. Dalmane markets her work and teaches these techniques in the Rocky Mountain House and Red Deer areas.