The Museo del Prado's nearly 200 years of history available now on its website

To mark the recent celebration of the Museum’s 198th anniversary, as of today the Museo del Prado in collaboration with Telef√≥nica has made its digitalised documentary holdings available to the public. The archive spans documents dating from 1814 on the creation of the design for a new museum to recent ones from the Museum’s archive; documentation generated by the Museo de la Trinidad which offers an account of its activities from 1839 to its fusion with the Prado in 1872; and letters, personal and professional documentation relating to prominent cultural figures who had close ties to the Museum, such as the Madrazo family and Valent√≠n Carderera. Taken as a whole, this material allows for a study of the Museo del Prado’s almost 200 years of existence and by extension the history of Spanish culture in the 19th and 20th centuries. The Prado’s archive houses documents created and received by the institutio