ArtWalk — Elsie Archer

Elsie writes: “It was a good summer art-wise. This year it was my good fortune to partner with the Olds Museum.

“I certainly appreciated the exposure that the Wellspring ArtWalk gave me. So often summers come up dry, with paintings gathering dust in a closet.

“The Olds Museum staff were so gracious right from the beginning. They went to considerable additional effort to display the original paintings for “The Starfish” during the launching of 2013 ArtWalk.

“All through the summer the staff continued to express appreciation and interest in the work I brought in and went so far as to purchase some of the art themselves. They always made certain the paintings were displayed to their best advantage. I was very grateful for the affirmation and encouragement I received.

“Hoping that all WVANA members had a positive experience also.”

You can see some of Elsie’s work here.

ArtWalk — Barbara Bell

Artist Barbara Bell is a painter and a potter. Her studio is in Bearberry, Alberta.

Barb writes: “I am having a very good summer in ArtWalk in Didsbury at the White Raven. I sold my collage painting of a street in Ostuni, Italy and some pottery as well.

“Didsbury is hosting the Mountain View Arts Festival September 13 – 15 so my ArtWalk work will stay until then.”

ArtWalk Sale — Judi Martinez

Judi Martinez is one of 19 Wellspring members displaying art at the Innisfail Public Library this summer.

She writes: “Innisfail Library is the scene for my sale of a small ‘acrylic watercolour’ painting. Not only did someone like it enough to purchase it (always a great feeling!), it went to Calgary the next day as a birthday present for her sister.

Now it has two admirers and a happy creator.”

To see some of Judi’s work and read more about her art, click here.

ArtWalk Sale — Michele Brewster

ArtWalk 2013, as in previous years, has been a great way to exhibit my work. This year, Olds Shopper’s Drug Mart has provided this opportunity, and I have been fortunate to have had someone purchase one of my paintings. It always inspires me when someone enjoys a piece and wants to take it home.

I don’t paint to please an audience; I paint to please myself. In my work, the details are really important. It’s like writing a novel. If you don’t have the details, you don’t have a story; you just have a summary. I love blending soft edges and colours, and I put layer after layer to get luminosity. I never run out of ideas. My goal is to keep improving my work, and to appreciate the wealth of inspiration so close to home in Alberta.

To read more about Michele and see her work, click here.

ArtWalk Surprise! — by Jim Brown

I joined Wellspring last fall to give my paintings and photos the exposure they needed and to meet other creative people. So far the experience with the group has been very good. ArtWalk was one of the projects with Wellspring that I was really excited about — this was a great opportunity to gain a larger audience.

A little more than a week before ArtWalk, I gathered what paintings I had and created a new painting as well and brought them into Willow Brook Coffee House. I hung my paintings and placed my tags. Adrian, the owner of the establishment, suggested I place descriptions of the paintings. A few days later I set up my photos at the Innisfail Chiropractic & Massage as well.

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