Shauna Olsen

Shauna Olsen has been creative throughout her life.
For several years she owned a graphic design company, until tragedy struck her family in 2008. Faced with many creative blocks while dealing with the losses of losing both of her daughters, ages 2 & 6, in a car accident, she closed her company.

It was the encouragement of a dear friend that saw her picking up her paintbrushes again and taking her emotions to canvas! Shauna enjoys acrylic, gauche, coloured pencil, oil, glass paint . . . truly any medium she puts her hands on.

Most often her husband, Dave, and her son Mike will find her creating in her art studio. They are both encouraging and curious – eager to see her latest work.

God has given Shauna a creative outlet to express and process her grief as well as her more recent battle through cancer, a battle she won. It is when she is creating that she feels closest to her girls, the depth of her emotions expressed in each one of her paintings.

Shauna Olsen
Olds, Alberta, Canada

“It’s not just about creativity,
it is about the person you’re becoming while you’re creating.”
Charlie Peacock