Osi Cruz-LahtinenOsi Cruz-Lahtinen

Born in Mexico City and an Architect & Youth Minister by profession, Osi initiated her love for art at an early age.

She started to develop her painting skills during her Junior High years when her art teacher recommended her to choose another option and told her she would not be an artist. This made her study and practice under the mentorship of other young artists in Puebla, Mexico.

As she learned different media and technics, once in University, she started to develop her bold style. During those years she did favours for her sister, doing her painting projects for the same art teacher that once had dismissed Osi’s art. Her sister got “A+’s” and the recommendation to continue as she had future in art. Encouraged by this success, Osi continued painting, experimenting with different art media; learning about art and being exposed to the masterpieces of Mexican artists & other geniuses. She sold all but three pieces of the art work she first painted in Mexico before moving to Canada.

Her art work is a combination of her experiences, spirituality, love for life and values expressed in the bold use of different media. The vibrant colours and texture in her paintings connect her to her roots in Mexico. While expanding and expressing her craving creativity she aims to capture meaningful experiences of “LIFE” and the way the human soul absorbs them in the search for purpose.

She now lives in Innisfail, Alberta, with her husband and her new Art Inspirations: her children.

Life is a magnificent canvas of endless opportunities in which we can paint the masterpiece of our dreams if we are totally committed & do not give up.