Lois E. Warnock

After a long business career, I chose to pursue the ‘Energy Healing Arts’ in 2005 to the present, obtaining several Reiki Master designations, Crystal Resonance Therapy Certification (2-year program) and an Advanced Meditative study with Primus Healing Techniques. These healing studies guided me to the current artistic expression of ‘spiritual art’. This is the process of connecting intuitively to ‘spirit’ to bring through artwork. Since 2012, I have drawn over 600 spirit portraits of guides and loved ones in spirit.

I have an appreciation for all different types of art expression. I love and am inspired by beautiful colors and the capturing of portraits through drawing in a variety of mediums and/or painting. I majored in Art in high school, however my art is mostly self-taught. That, combined with many classes by wonderful artists helped rekindle my portrait drawing and painting after 40 years of pursuing other creative venues including advanced sewing, costume design & sewing, pottery, ceramics, embroidery stitching and photography.

My approach to art today is through the intuitive process – to open creative channels, therefore inviting ones’ intuitive art expression onto the paper or canvas. I use a variety of mediums. I am fascinated by the beauty and healing energy for the soul that art can provide. I sometimes incorporate my ‘Energy Healing knowledge with crystals’ into my paintings by embedding the paint with crushed crystals, so the art piece becomes just that…healing art. I also love teaching and sharing with students how to cultivate their own creativity through an intuitive practice…like ‘getting in the zone’.

As Picasso said, ‘Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life!’ That is my goal as I teach and share my creativity…to help people wash away the dust from their busy lives!

Lois Warnock
Soul Divinity Healing & Art