John SmytheJohn Smythe

John (Jack) is a self developed craftsman who likes to read, observe and learn how the world class wood turners and wood workers pursue their craft. He had an early interest in making and building things with his hands, using his active imagination. He spent his early years on a family farm in Saskatchewan.

Wood turning is as old as time itself. Early civilizations made vessels for practical use. Bowls and vessels display the beautiful grain hidden within the wood. Modern wood turning is relatively new and has now become an artist’s medium. While retaining the beauty of the wood itself, wood turners decorate vessels, platters and unique items with many mediums such as carving, painting, air brushing, pyrography, and piercing. Thin wall turning has advanced these mediums in wood turning.

Over the years Jack has made plant stands, magazine racks, baby cradles, desks, an armoire, jewelry boxes, toys and jewelry for his grandchildren and workbenches and cabinets for his shop. He continues to enjoy these pursuits.

In the mid 1980’s Jack received a gift of a wood lathe and tools from the members of the Canola Council of Canada in recognition of his term as Chairman. That began a serious interest in wood turning which he continues to develop.