Jim BrownJim Brown

Born in Kamloops, BC and raised in Alberta.

From a young age I have been motivated to create through many mediums. As a child I began with simple pencil or pastel sketches of people and places. As a young adult I tried my hand at painting and found it to be my favorite creative outlet.

Other hobbies I have acquired have been photography, hiking and building many things out of wood. I find that with these other hobbies, as well as other things I experience throughout life, they bring something back to my art as I observe and learn.

This to me is what I think us as artists are trying to do: taking our personal experiences and how we see them and translating this to an audience. The person enjoying the painting in front of them can enjoy the warmth of the sun, feel the breeze blowing through the movement of the grass, and sense the different textures applied to the canvas. Or share common memories of our past of when we were more curious. A painting should be used as a vehicle that takes you somewhere else.

For the past twenty years I have enjoyed challenging myself by painting almost anything that customers have commissioned me to paint.

The reward for me in painting is the process of taking the subject and applying it to the canvas in a manner that is pleasing to my clients, and that they can proudly share this with their friends and family.