Janice GallantJanice Gallant

Paint from your soul! For sure, that’s my mantra. Not only do I paint from my soul but painting nurtures my connection to my soul.

We live in a world of color, energy and movement, and art should capture these qualities and stir emotions when others view it. How could that possibly happen if, as an artist, I am not connected to that powerful creative force flowing through me? Connecting to my creative energy is a daily lifestyle for me. I am passionate about being connected and being creative every day, along with coaching others do the same.

I invite you to follow my blog, The Creation Guild, a blog to help anyone who wants to refine the craft of creating and be forever connected to inspiration in your own life. Creativity feeds the soul and it is from your soul that your greatest creations come.

Please enjoy browsing through my gallery, or hop over to The Creation Guild to read my latest blogs and learn how to create a more fulfilled life.