Dangerous Women: Electrifying new exhibition opens at the Frost Art Museum FIU

Courageous heroines and deceptive femmes fatales abound in the Old and New Testaments, these women — perceived as dangerous to society — they shaped biblical history. Their power to topple the strongest of male rulers made them “dangerous,” but their strength serves as an historical foundation for thinking about contemporary causes (including the “Me Too” movement): from Judith to Esther, Salome to Mary Magdalene, from Delilah to Lot’s Daughters. The Patricia and Phillip Frost Art Museum FIU presents the world premiere of Dangerous Women, the timely new exhibition that explores shifting perceptions of these historic characters. While some of these famous women in biblical history were portrayed as saving their people and paragons of family goodness, others were depicted as harlots and hussies, purveyors of sin, deadly temptresses and seductresses. “Dangerous Women demonstrates how throughout histor