Chuck Close show at the National Gallery of Art postponed over sexual misconduct

The National Gallery of Art in Washington has indefinitely postponed a planned exhibition of works by artist Chuck Close due to sexual misconduct claims against him. In light of the allegations against Close and photographer Thomas Roma, “all parties involved acknowledged that it is not the appropriate time to present these installations,” museum spokeswoman Anabeth Guthrie told AFP on Sunday. She noted that the museum, which has 53 Close drawings, photographs, prints, collages and paintings in its collection, has never before postponed a show over sexual misconduct claims. The Gallery also owns 87 Roma prints from his 1991-1994 series “Come Sunday” from a project that saw him photograph more than 150 religious services. Late last year, several women told US media that Close, who is handicapped and relies on a wheelchair due to spinal artery collapse, had asked them to undress and made unwanted advances and explicit comments when they visited his studio.