Chinese artist Liu Bolin opens simultaneous solo exhibitions in Paris

Galerie Paris-Beijing presents Revealing Disappearance, Liu Bolin latest solo exhibition witnessing the artist’s engagement on environmental issues. Since the beginning of his career, ecology has been a central topic of Liu Bolin’s artistic production. In 2011 he braved the polluted waters of the Yellow River in one of the most industrialized regions of his country, two years ago he organized a collective performance at the edge of a large artificial forest aimed to stop the spreading of the Gobi desert in the Northern territories of China. More recently he stood among piles of garbage in a waste collection center in Bangalore, India. Last June, the artist flew to the French Atlantic Coast where he achieved two new performances in collaboration with Surfrider Foundation Europe to raise public awareness on the issue of marine litter. For decades the NGO has launched awareness campaigns against pollution caused by