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Local artists showcased

Mountain View Museum was host to the launch of the Artwalk event on Thursday July 9th, 2015 in Olds. We spoke with Osi Cruz-Lahtinen, president of the Wellspring Visual Art Network about the event.

Published on 10 Jul 2015
Olds Community TV

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Have you been ArtWalk-ing yet ?

It’s hard to believe that we’re already half-way through the summer, but there’s still one more month to take advantage of the ArtWalk in all of the five towns! You’ll have a chance to see some of the artists’ work that might not make it into the Annual Fall and Spring Show and Sales. ArtWalk is the perfect activity to share with visiting relatives and friends during the summer, and a great way to make a rainy day interesting.

What locations have you visited so far?

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Otter Rafting hosts Michèle Brewster

Brewster ArtWalk Display

Otter Rafting in Sundre is hosting artist Michèle Brewster for the 2014 Artwalk. Come in and see her original paintings including western and animal themed work.

While here pick up some of the handmade pottery and jewelry that is on display. Nearly everything in the store is one of a kind. You will find we have something here to appeal to everyone.

For the more adventurous make a reservation for a day white water rafting on the upper Red Deer River. Everyone deserves a day of excitement!

On Saturday and Sunday, July 19th and 20th, drop in for the Sundre Outdoor Art Show between 10 AM and 5 PM. There will be several booths set up on the front lawn with a wide variety of artwork on display with many Wellspring members work on display.

ArtWalk 2014 Postcard

ArtWalk 2014 Kickoff

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

Uptowne Olds is presenting a special evening for the celebration of our ArtWalk 2014.

Place: Olds Museum 5038 – 50 Street
Time: 6:30pm

“Everyone Welcome”

ArtWalk Followup — John Smythe

Even though ArtWalk 2013 has ended for this year, people are still talking about it — and still buying art.

John Smythe relates an interesting followup. It happened while he was at the ARTember Art Show and Sale on September 13 & 14 in Airdrie. He writes:

“They (the collectors) had seen my ArtWalk display at the museum in Sundre this summer and decided to contact me to make arrangements to purchase one of my wood turnings.

“They used my business card with the Wellspring address on it and when they went to the Wellspring web site they were excited to find out from my news posting that I was right there in their home town of Airdrie that very minute!

“They were extremely pleased not to have to drive to Olds and in fact, bought two items!”

Now that’s a win-win situation for everyone. Congratulations, John.

ArtWalk — Elsie Archer

Elsie writes: “It was a good summer art-wise. This year it was my good fortune to partner with the Olds Museum.

“I certainly appreciated the exposure that the Wellspring ArtWalk gave me. So often summers come up dry, with paintings gathering dust in a closet.

“The Olds Museum staff were so gracious right from the beginning. They went to considerable additional effort to display the original paintings for “The Starfish” during the launching of 2013 ArtWalk.

“All through the summer the staff continued to express appreciation and interest in the work I brought in and went so far as to purchase some of the art themselves. They always made certain the paintings were displayed to their best advantage. I was very grateful for the affirmation and encouragement I received.

“Hoping that all WVANA members had a positive experience also.”

You can see some of Elsie’s work here.

ArtWalk — Barbara Bell

Artist Barbara Bell is a painter and a potter. Her studio is in Bearberry, Alberta.

Barb writes: “I am having a very good summer in ArtWalk in Didsbury at the White Raven. I sold my collage painting of a street in Ostuni, Italy and some pottery as well.

“Didsbury is hosting the Mountain View Arts Festival September 13 – 15 so my ArtWalk work will stay until then.”

ArtWalk — Bob and Flory Wilkins

“So far we have sold 4 items at Gotcha Jeans in Olds and a larger piece to a lady from Red Deer who was visiting the Innisfail Library where WVANA has a great collective display of art from many involved with this year’s ArtWalk. The lady who bought our piece of stained glass which was on display at the library is coming tomorrow to pick it up.

“Gotcha Jeans also indicated today that they have given out many of our business cards to folks who are very interested in getting hold of us for commission work.”

Read more about Bob & Flory’s work here. You can also read about their first sale of this year’s ArtWalk.

ArtWalk – John Smythe

Wellspring member John Smythe is having a great summer. His work has been featured in several newspaper articles and he won awards for his woodturning at the Calgary Stampede. He’s also participating in Wellspring’s 7th Annual ArtWalk.

The Sundre Museum has a display of his work as part of ArtWalk. I stopped by the Museum yesterday and found half a dozen people there. They’d read the article about John in this week’s Mountain View Gazette and wanted to see the work firsthand. Judging by their comments, the trip was worth it!

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