Betty CaskeyBetty Caskey

I live to create
For the last 30 years, fibre, paper, dyes, paints, ribbon, and fabric (especially silk) has presented inspirational challenges to me. The satisfaction gained from manipulating this media is rivaled only by the joy I feel when I share this passion with others.

Colour and texture are the most important ingredients in my work.

From the year 2002 to 2012 I attended classes in Oak Harbor and La Conner in Washington. My studies included colour, design, different dying and textile applications, stitch by hand and machine. My study from 2007 -2012 focused on Poppies…in all shapes, sizes and colors, but mostly RED!! I have been going to this studio since 2002. Taking classes is my way of staying in the textile arena allowing me to dabble in my favorite medium . Flowers are my favorite topic.

My favorite fabric medium is silk. I dyed all the material used in my poppy pieces. Some are hand stitched, some are free motion machine embroidery.

To satisfy my silk and dying appetite, I dye silk scarves for my local Art gallery, Different Strokes in Uptowne Olds, Alberta


Textiles have been my greatest love since I was a very young girl, when I began sewing doll clothes from fabric left over from clothes my mom made for me.