ArtWalk Surprise! — by Jim Brown

I joined Wellspring last fall to give my paintings and photos the exposure they needed and to meet other creative people. So far the experience with the group has been very good. ArtWalk was one of the projects with Wellspring that I was really excited about — this was a great opportunity to gain a larger audience.

A little more than a week before ArtWalk, I gathered what paintings I had and created a new painting as well and brought them into Willow Brook Coffee House. I hung my paintings and placed my tags. Adrian, the owner of the establishment, suggested I place descriptions of the paintings. A few days later I set up my photos at the Innisfail Chiropractic & Massage as well.

A few days after everything was placed at each business, I decided to drop off the descriptions of the paintings and see how things were going at Willow Brook. Adrian greeted me with a surprise: “One of your paintings has sold already and I need a few more paintings to fill my wall!” WOW, that took little time! It was a very good day and I exited the store knowing that I better get busy painting!

Lower Lakes

Later that week and halfway finished my next painting, I picked up the phone to another order. This time, it was my photo of an abandoned farm truck. I could not believe how quickly this was all happening!



An artist likes to stay busy and busy is what I have been since. Currently, I am working on “Dorothy” one of the few wooden grain elevators still standing in Alberta in the ghost town of Dorothy near Drumheller. I could not be busier or happier!