Arab World Institute exhibits rare works from Christian communities of the Arab world

It is in Palestine that the Gospels place the preaching of Christ, and it is between the Mediterranean and the Euphrates, along the Nile, and on the banks of the Bosporus, that the new religion developed and set down roots before spreading. Today, in spite of all of the vicissitudes of ancient and contemporary history, Christians in the Middle East are not residual traces of a defunct past, but real stakeholders in an Arab world the construction of which they contributed to enormously. It is to tell their particular histories as full-fledged components of the countries in which they live (Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, and Palestine) that the Arab World Institute, in coproduction with the MuBA Eugène Leroy, the Musée des Beaux-Arts of Tourcoing, presents, until 14 January 2018, this major exhibition. Developed in close association with representatives of numerous communities, with the help of Oeuvre d’Orient, the ex