My Fedora

Although “MyFedora” is not for sale (It’s MINE !!!) I would happily make one for you in your choice of colours and  size.  This can take up to a week, weather permitting  (snow storm season is due any minute and the woolen mill that I use is out on the wilds of the Alberta Prairies.)   I do have several colours of wool on hand, as well.  This is my own design, obtained by working from a very basic cloche style and building on the features that I wanted.  Each is unique, as the different colours of wool actually do behave differently in the working and shaping that is required.  It is like Christmas Morning, every time !

At least the cats have learned to (mostly) just watch while I work with the wool, which they go positively ga-ga over if they start pawing and digging in it;  the peacock feathers are a different matter entirely.  I had parked “MyFedora” on the top of a high book shelf near the front door, thinking that they wouldn’t even know it was there.  Strange rumblings and thuds brought me on the run, to find the best-behaved cat happily perched on that high shelf, ready to help herself to my feather.  Back to the top of the fridge for my hat.  I don’t need more fridge space–I need more top.


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