Diana SteerDiana Steer

Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, my family moved to Airdrie, Alberta in 1978. I completely fell in love with the land, from the prairies to the mountains, it was like I had found my true home. Art was always a part of my life and the Alberta landscape became my muse.I enjoy using a wide variety of mediums. I work with oils, acrylics, watercolours, and encaustic wax to create my paintings. I have taken classes at the Alberta College of Art and Design and the U of C, as well as, attending workshops held by Canadian and American artists through the years.“I started painting as a form of stress therapy. I found that I could lose myself in another world while creating my art. My first painting was with a Bob Ross Instructor. As I developed my artistic skill I decided I wanted to help others discover their inner artist. This inspired me to get my own certification as a Bob Ross Instructor in 2007. I began holding workshops teaching his “wet in wet” oil painting techniques around Canada. Nothing makes me happier than seeing the face of a student, young or old, light up at the discovery of their own talent.”Though I continue to teach in all mediums, my own paintings focus on the encaustic wax medium and techniques. “What I love about using encaustic wax is how I can incorporate everything I have learned into this medium. The techniques and mediums I have worked with can be combined into the art and have moved me into the world of abstract and collage. Learning how the molten wax reacts to the heat and cold can be a constant surprise and challenge to my creative process.”DIANA STEER has been a member of Wellspring since 2012.

  • She has been participating at Art Show & Sales all over Central Alberta since 2007.
  • Her work can be viewed at White Raven Emporium in Didsbury, AB & Merv Robertson Art Gallery in Crawford Bay, BC.
  • Diana has taught at painting conferences in Mississauga, Ontario, as well as Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta.
  • She now holds painting workshops around the province.
  • Diana lives in Didsbury, Alberta and can be contacted any time to travel teach. Call her at Shorthorn Art Studio, 403-335-9264.

creation-1024x836Encaustic means: “to burn in”. This is a process of applying molten wax colours to a surface for the creation of images, decoration and so forth. It started over 2 millennia ago. No one can say for sure exactly what the components of the wax paints were since there are several formulae and a number of application techniques discovered for the creation of the original Roman Egyptian wax portraits. The wax colours appear to have been applied with some swiftness which would certainly make sense if the wax was molten and liable to cool on the brush if not handled with some speed.

My workshops are self-directed, which means that I don’t teach people to paint in a particular way, but rather support each student to explore their own creativity. There is sharing within the class, as students inspire each other to try new things. Encaustic is a uniquely spontaneous medium, and working with wax helps one to let go of “attachment to outcome”. Students are encouraged to take risks, let go of preconceived ideas, and most of all, to have fun exploring this versatile medium.

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