Night Sky Photography – ISS Flyover

Not my usual kind of nature photography, but I do enjoy studying the night sky. On a whim I recently decided to see if I could catch the International Space Station passing between the Moon and us, and sure enough, less than a week later it was predicted to transit the Moon, and I could see it from my own back yard! So, on September 27th, I set up my small telescope and camera to try and photograph the ISS flyby.

This is a composite image of 12 frames I captured of the ISS transiting the Moon.

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Peggy’s Cove Nova Scotia

A few years ago we were on a family trip to the Maritimes and wanted to spend some time along the coast. We spent some time in Halifax and headed down to Peggy’s Cove. This is one of the most photographed locations on the East Coast, and we were travelling with family, so I didn’t initially want to take a lot of time to photograph the area. While my extended family and my kids were exploring around the Lighthouse, my wife suggested I head down to the harbour and town to get some pictures. I said there wasn’t really any point, as it has been photographed so much, but she replied “But no one has done it in your way”. Perhaps so, and I walked down from the lighthouse, and captured some of the best images of my career.

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Does Gear Matter?

Recently, I had the opportunity to take some visitors to our country on a quick, whirlwind tour of the Alberta Rockies. We stopped at a few of the more iconic stops along the way. This proved to be a good chance to snap a few shots with my i-phone. As far as camera phones go, the one I have is no slouch, one of the newer versions and able to shoot in raw format. Below are a few of the shots, Peyto Lake, Lake Louise and the Banff Springs Hotel. For me, they tic off some of the boxes that make a good photograph: light, atmosphere, composition, strong subject. I ran them through Lightroom using some of the same editing techniques that I normally use, but as you can see they are pretty noisy images. The image quality just isn’t there to print them much larger than you see here.

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Horseshoes 2017

These 4 Horseshoes were purchased by a client to be given away as gifts. Each one measures approximately 6 inches wide x 7 inches high. We used a combination of Spectrum and Armstrong glass along with attaching a fine silver chain which was soldered into the back seams. The eyes on each are made from black backed foil and raised solder.  Black backed copper foil is used, along with JAX Pewter Black Patina and Clarica Polish. We use Kwik Clean to clean each between soldering and after the patina is applied. Once the polish dries we use a soft cloth along with toothbrushes to bring them to a very clean polished sheen.

The next 4 photos shows each horseshoe individually.

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Yellow Rose Bud Panel December 2016

This Yellow Rose bud was commissioned as a Christmas present. The design was originally a square panel which we placed into a 10 inch circular panel surrounded by a soft flexible brass U channel. Eventually our client returned the panel so we could attach a fine silver chain for hanging in the window of their home.

The following photo shows the beginning of the panels construction.

Original design titled “Rose” by Denise Hurley, from the book “Flowers of Hope”

a free Spectrum Glass Pattern of the Month

Inserted into a circular panel design by Flory & Bob Wilkins

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